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Zero Waste Makeup Remover

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Ditch your makeup wipes and store-bought, plastic-packaged makeup remover for a simple, natural DIY recipe

I will start this blog off by saying I am not a skin care guru, so I can't guarantee this homemade recipe will work for everyone. All skin types are different, so this may not be your saving grace for DIY skincare products. Do what feels best for you and just have fun with it! Don't be afraid to switch up the ingredients and find the perfect recipe for YOUR skin type.

Makeup remover wipes were one of my go-to toiletries for quite some time. I stuck with them for so long because of their on-the-go convenience and their ability to magically wipe away my makeup in 30 seconds (my laziness when it came to my skincare routine may have also been a contributing factor). However, I never thought twice about where all my used make-up wipes would end up, and I never considered what ingredients they were made with. Not only do a lot of these wipes contain toxic chemicals and use synthetic fragrances, but they are single-use waste that just piles up in the landfill. This is why I decided to try out my own DIY makeup remover.

After doing some research, I decided to try out this super simple and natural, two-ingredient makeup remover recipe. Let's get started!

What You'll Need

  • 2 tbsp witch hazel

  • 2 tbsp jojoba oil (or another oil of your choice)

  • 2 tbsp filtered water

  • Small bottle or jar with a lid

* It is best to use this recipe within a week of making it, so change any of the above measurements depending on your makeup remover needs. I suggest buying the ingredients in bulk and then mixing up just enough for the upcoming week.

To make this DIY as eco-friendly as possible, I bought the witch hazel and jojoba oil in bulk with reusable jars at my local zero waste shop Great Lakes Refill Co. in Sarnia, Ontario. Everything else I needed for this recipe I already had around my house. Now, I present to you the most simple step-by-step in history!

Let's Get to It

1. Add the witch hazel, jojoba oil, and water into your jar or bottle. Use a filter if needed.

2. Shake well & ta da! There you have it.

Apply your makeup remover to a cotton pad or cloth and remove your makeup as you normally would. I suggest testing it on an area of skin prior to using it on your face, just to test for any allergies or reactions. I wash my face and moisturize as I normally would after using this makeup remover. Witch hazel is also known to have drying properties so definitely hydrate your skin afterwards. I have had a lot of success with this recipe so far, but I am looking forward to exploring some other options as well.

Making your own skincare products and trying different recipes is fun and the perfect way for you to control what you're putting on your skin. Not to mention, you also avoid harmful chemicals and plastic packaging all together. YA BABY!!! I would love to hear your feedback and any other ingredients or recipes that work for you!

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